Feb 24, 2023 | News Story

Postdoctoral Researchers Rally at Mt. Sinai's Icahn School of Medicine

After winning their union last year (89.5% voted union yes), Mt. Sinai’s Icahn School of Medicine Postdoctoral Researchers (members of SPOC-UAW) are still waiting for administrators to agree to basic, routine labor rights in contract negotiations. To protest Sinai’s intransigence, Postdoctoral Researchers rallied on Thursday at the corner of 98th Street and Madison Avenue.

“Sinai is rejecting measures that would protect against abusive behaviors and discrimination which disproportionately affect women and immigrants in our scientific community,” said Elza Rechtman, Postdoc in Environmental Medicine and Public Health and a member of the Union’s Bargaining Committee. Follow SPOC-UAW on Twitter for updates!