Feb 24, 2023 | News Story

Take Action: Hearst Union Members Need a Fair Contract, Now!

Take Action:

Employees at Hearst Magazines unionized with the Writers Guild of America, East, AFL-CIO in 2019, and have been in negotiations for over two years. Workers at Hearst deserve a fair contract that reflects the standards set across the media industry, but management is still holding out on several issues that are highly important to the Hearst Union:

  • Fair salary minimums;
  • Guaranteed annual increases that meet the unionized industry standard;
  • Guaranteed minimum severance;
  • Protections for diverse and inclusive hiring;
  • The right to union representation in cases of harassment and discrimination.

Unfortunately, Hearst’s behavior throughout the bargaining process has lived up to its anti-union reputation—and workers need your urgent help to make sure the Union can win a fair contract before their last day of negotiations on March 28th. Please stand in solidarity with unionized workers at Hearst by writing a letter to Hearst Magazines leadership demanding a fair contract!