Mar 24, 2023 | News Story

Alliance for Retired Americans Releases New Congressional Voting Record

The Alliance for Retired Americans has released its 2022 Congressional Voting Record, which scores each U.S. Senator and Representative on critical retirement security issues.

“Almost every member of Congress says they care about seniors while they are on the campaign trail,” said Richard Fiesta, Executive Director of the Alliance. “Our annual report shows which House and Senate members actually voted in older Americans’ best interests.”

Ten Senate and House floor votes are considered in the report. They include votes on bills and amendments to lower drug prices through the Inflation Reduction Act; protect voting rights; and pass the Postal Service Reform Act, which was critical to retirees who often rely on the postal service for at-home delivery of medications and election ballots. In addition, Congress cast key votes on government funding, including the FY 2023 Consolidated Appropriations bill that funded all twelve federal agencies. The $1.7 trillion spending bill contained an important $785 million increase for the Social Security Administration to improve its response to Americans seeking assistance or information.

"The senior vote is a key to winning elections,” Fiesta added. "The Alliance voting record will be a valuable tool for older voters as they consider who to support in 2024." Read the Voting Record here.