Mar 10, 2023 | News Story

Saturday Night Live Post-Production Workers Set Strike Deadline

New York is a union town and Saturday Night Live is built with union labor. But NBC Universal has resisted negotiating a fair union contract with its newly organized editorial crew.

Although almost all of SNL’s other employees have long enjoyed union contracts ensuring their terms meet or exceed industry standards, SNL’s editorial team has languished at low pay and without contractual protections. Instead of meaningfully addressing the crew’s concerns, NBCU has dragged contract talks out for months. And, by refusing any retroactive increases, NBCU is insisting workers pay for the company’s delays.

If there’s no deal for fair compensation and benefits for SNL’s post crew, they’ll walk off the job and there will be a picket line at 30 Rock for the show scheduled for April 1st.

Read more in Variety, follow the Motion Picture Editors Guild on Twitter, and please sign and share the petition telling NBC Universal to respect the hard work of the show’s post crew, and to negotiate a fair contract, posthaste!