Mar 24, 2023 | News Story

SNL Post-Production Editors Reach Agreement with NBCU, Unanimously Ratify First Contract

After months-long stalls in negotiations —some regarding pressing matters like health benefits, working conditions, and pay—with NBCU and the threat of an April 1 strike for Saturday Night Live's editorial team, the Motion Picture Editors Guild/IATSE Local 700 announced last week that they had reached a tentative contract agreement. And this week, the crew voted unanimously in favor of ratification.

The new contract includes immediate pay increases (up to 33.5%), pay increases over the term of the contract (up to 60.5%), and ratification bonuses. Other contract highlights include employer healthcare available to all employees; meal, hotel, and car service provisions to adress the unusual working hours on SNL; overtime and minimum rest periods for hourly employees; and a joint commitment to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the post-production crew.

"The solidarity and bravery of this crew are just so impressive," said Cathy Repola, National Executive Director of Editors Guild. "They fought not just to improve their own working lives; they have also set a standard that will benefit all who follow in their footsteps at this TV comedy institution. It was an honor to work with them on reaching this significant agreement." Read more in The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline.