Mar 31, 2023 | News Story

Striking Local 802 Musicians Hold Musical Rally in Fight for First Contract

Freelance musicians who have been on strike for more than a month rallied along with their trombones, trumpets and saxophones on the Broadway sidewalk in support of an agreement with performance producer Distinguished Concerts International (DCINY).  

The musicians, who played tunes such as “Hit the Road Jack” alongside an inflatable Scabby the Rat during Sunday’s picket, have been represented by AFM Local 802 since 2019, but have been without a contract with DCINY since then. DCINY produces concerts at Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall.

In January, DCINY and Local 802 agreed to federal mediation. But talks broke down when the producer refused to bargain on its hiring practices, which led the workers to vote in favor of authorizing a strike on Feb. 14.

“Going on strike is scary. Unfortunately, I don't see another option," Dan Wions, a French hornist, said in a statement. Read more in The Chief-Leader, and for more background on the orchestra's fight for a fair contract, start here.