Apr 21, 2023 | News Story

TWU Local 100 Kicks Off Contract Negotiations

Stressing the service and sacrifices made by transit workers throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, TWU Local 100 President Richard Davis kicked off contract negotiations with the MTA this week with a presentation of general demands culled from membership surveys and meetings.

"We deserve a fair contract. We mean business. Our time is now,” Davis said in a statement after the presentation. “When most of NYC was isolated at home, we were on the job, moving essential workers, keeping the hospitals open and staffed, ensuring the food supply chain was functioning so families could put food on the table. Many of our union brothers and sisters died, and many more fell sick and survived. My message to the MTA is this: Don’t try and nickel and dime us. Don’t try and balance the budget on our backs. Don’t dare suggest that we somehow owe a debt. We paid more than our fair share already."

The demands presented to MTA officials include wage hikes that account for inflation and recognize the importance of the work Local 100 members perform day in and day out; improved health benefits, including mental health services; and a pledge by the MTA to support state legislation to eliminate the overtime cap imposed on members who are enrolled in the Tier 6 pension plan. Read more here.