May 5, 2023 | News Story

Striking DCINY Orchestra Ramps Up Campaign for a Fair Contract

“No contract, no peace!” That was the rallying cry outside of Carnegie Hall last Saturday as the DCINY Orchestra and their allies ramped up their campaign for a fair contract with DCINY.

"We’d rather be playing music for the public than walking a picket line,” said DCINY percussionist Andy Blanco and violinist Tallie Brunfelt in a joint statement. “As long as DCINY continues to reject the fundamental aspects of a union contract, we have no choice but to strike.”

Blanco and Brunfelt both serve on the musicians’ negotiating committee. Their fellow union members in the DCINY orchestra voted overwhelmingly to authorize the strike almost two months ago in a secret-ballot vote after the employer refused to budge at the bargaining table, even face-to-face with a federal mediator. Read the full story here and sign a letter of support for the musicians here.