Jun 9, 2023 | News Story

More Sinai Workers Rising! Huge Majority of Sinai Student Workers File for UAW Representation

As nearly 600 postdoctoral fellows continue fighting for a first contract with Mt. Sinai, an overwhelming 80 percent of 350 student researchers have now organized and seek representation as Sinai Student Workers-UAW (SSW-UAW) at the major New York City biomedical research institution.  SSW-UAW filed with the NLRB this week after Sinai chose not to sit down and work out a fair and efficient process.

Together, these roughly 1,000 researchers work every day to produce world-class science that helps bring $400 million in grant funding that boosts our local economy and makes the city a hub of innovation.  The groups rallied together recently to send a message to Sinai to stop stalling.

Unfortunately, the administration of Mt. Sinai has been stalling in negotiations with Sinai Postdoctoral Organizing Committee-UAW (SPOC-UAW) nearly one year after these workers voted by an overwhelming 89.5% in favor of unionization. These two units now look to join forces as researchers united in their quest for fair contracts with Mt. Sinai and have drawn inspiration from each other as well as other Sinai workers who have fought for justice recently. Follow SSW-UAW and SPOC-UAW on social media for updates!