Jun 16, 2023 | News Story

NYC Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Projectionists File Petition to Unionize as Company Looks to Scrap Position

Projectionists at a Brooklyn Alamo Drafthouse, the movie theater chain known for serving food and drinks during screenings, have filed a petition to unionize with the National Labor Review Board. Two days after the petition was filed, and one day after the NLRB sent official notice to the company, Alamo sent an internal email notifying staff of the company's intention to do away with the projectionist position and replace it with a more expansive “technical engineer” role.

Michael Fewx, a union representative with IATSE 306, said he first heard about the change after he and the projectionists had started organizing the union drive.

“I was already in the process of organizing them when I first heard about it, so I don't know if Alamo was already aware of the union sentiment that was growing in the workplace when they came up with their plan, but I'd have to believe they were," Fewx said. "I really don't see why else a movie theater would want to get rid of their projectionists.” Read more at 1010WINS and TheMarySue.com.