Jun 9, 2023 | News Story

Striking Insider Workers Ask Supporters Not to Cross Digital Picket Line

Workers at Insider have been on a ULP strike since June 2nd over management's decision to illegally change their health insurance, saddling them with higher costs and worse coverage. They're also fighting for a fair contract that closes the pay equity gap for their members, raises salary floors, and gives raises that ensure equity and offset rising inflation.

The union is asking that during the strike, supporters don't read Insider articles, click Insider links, or watch Insider videos... in other words, don't cross the digital picket line! Instead, join the workers on their IRL picket line outside Insider's One Liberty HQ. You can also contribute to the workers' strike fund here, follow the union on social media here, and send a letter calling on Insider to remedy the ULP and settle a fair contract with the Insider Union here.