Jun 2, 2023 | News Story

Take Action: Demand a Minimum Pay for Delivery Workers in NYC

Delivery workers work day in and day out to deliver New York City residents like me food, supplies, and medicine we need. Still, these workers have been at the mercy of multi-billion dollar corporations that exploit and deny them living wages.  

Grueling weather, poor micromobility infrastructure, street crimes. No worker should have to risk their safety to make ends meet because of poverty wages while corporations make massive profits off their backs.

The average hourly pay for Deliveristas in New York City is around $11 an hour after expenses and including tips—a fraction of the average meal order cost charged to customers through most food delivery apps.

There’s no more time for delays, public hearings, or backroom conversations. Corporations have denied the dignity of a living wage and basic protections for delivery app workers for far too long. Add your name to say it's time to #DeliverJustice.