Jul 21, 2023 | News Story

Children's Law Center Union Strikes for Improved Wages and Conditions

Workers at the Children’s Law Center, members of A Better CLC/UAW Local 2325, held a limited 3-day strike this week, with workers returning to the office on Thursday as an act of good faith.

CLC workers have been negotiating their first contract for nearly two and a half years. During this time, CLC management has repeatedly engaged in bad faith bargaining. Most egregiously, CLC failed to provide a single salary counter over 831 days. Shortly before the strike, CLC proposed salary scales starting at $37K annually for some positions. This is not a livable wage and unconscionable in NYC’s public defender sector.

"Our members remain outraged at Management's lack of movement," the union said in a statement. "If there is not substantial movement from Management toward a FAIR contract for our members, The Children's Law Center Union is prepared to call for an indefinite strike. We are profoundly grateful for the support from our community, our fellow unions, our elected officials, and beyond. We remain dedicated to providing the highest quality representation for our vulnerable child-clients, and to fighting for better conditions so we can continue to do so every day." Follow A Better CLC on Twitter and Instagram for updates on these workers' fight, and read more in the Brooklyn Eagle!