Jul 21, 2023 | News Story

IATSE Ratifies Bus & Truck Touring Agreement, Secures Key Improvements for Crews

The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) is proud to announce the ratification of the Bus & Truck Touring Agreement with an overwhelming 86% of votes cast in favor. After challenging negotiations with Big League Productions Inc., NETworks Presentations LLC, Crossroads Live North America, LLC , and Work Light Productions, LLC, IATSE has made significant strides to better the working conditions and benefits for touring crew members.

The ratified agreement includes crucial improvements such as single occupancy housing, a critical change from previous terms requiring touring crew members to share rooms. The agreement also includes additional compensation for moving shows between cities more than twice per week and for load-ins on the same day as a matinee performance.

A breakthrough was also been made with an increase in guaranteed rest days. This new addition addresses a long-standing issue where workers often went weeks and even months without a day off. Furthermore, the agreement improves financial stability for members by increasing annuity contributions on the lowest tier and enabling workers to self-contribute to their own annuity. These hard-fought improvements were won in the face of repeated threats by the employers to cancel the upcoming fall season. Yet, bargaining team members remained committed to fighting for the well-being of their fellow kin, and the sustainability of touring theatre. Read more here and in The Hollywood Reporter.