Jul 21, 2023 | News Story

UPS Bows to Teamster Pressure, Negotiations to Resume Next Week

As thousands of UPS Teamsters practice picket, rally, and mobilize around the country, UPS bowed this week to the overwhelming show of Teamster unity and reached out to the union to resume negotiations. The Teamsters National Negotiating Committee and the company will set dates soon to resume negotiations next week.

The Teamsters agreement with UPS is the largest private-sector union contract in North America. UPS Teamsters are demanding the strongest possible contract or are prepared to strike — with rank-and-file members authorizing a strike by 97 percent.

Over 340,000 UPS Teamster delivery and warehouse logistics workers nationwide are fighting for a new five-year agreement that guarantees better pay for all workers, eliminates the two-tier wage job classification, increases the number of full-time jobs, addresses safety and health concerns around heat illness, and provides stronger protections against managerial harassment. Read more here and follow UPS Teamsters Local 804 here in NYC for updates as the deadline for a deal gets closer! (Pictured: a Practice Picket in Brooklyn)