Jul 28, 2023 | News Story

Workers at Grindr Announce Union with CWA

Workers at Grindr, the company behind the largest LGBTQIA+ dating app, have announced the formation of Grindr United-CWA after a supermajority of the eligible members signed union representation cards. Grinder United-CWA members work across various departments, including cloud engineering, customer experience, design, engineering, IT, marketing, privacy, product, and quality assurance.

The workers seek to preserve the current benefits they receive and gain additional benefits commonly found at similar companies. In the midst of a volatile job market, workers hope to ensure layoff protections and clear severance protocols. Additionally, workers wish to establish a clear path to professional progression for all employees, documented performance improvement plans when necessary, and transparency in pay to address wage disparities affecting marginalized communities. By joining together in a union, workers are committed to ensuring that Grindr remains a safe, inclusive, and thriving place for its users and workers alike.

“I've been a proud member of the Grindr team for almost two years and honored to enjoy the incredible, vibrant queer culture we've built together. Now, I'm thrilled to join a supermajority of my colleagues in announcing our union. Through our union, we will preserve and expand the things we love about Grindr, like trans-inclusive healthcare and remote work options. Additionally, we seek clear protections against layoffs in the midst of an evolving industry. Lastly, we want to foster a workplace where everyone can speak up without fear of retaliation and find opportunities for career growth. Together, we're committed to creating a stronger, more inclusive Grindr for workers and users,” said Erick Cortez, Knowledge Specialist and member of Grindr United.

Members are asking Grindr users to show their support by telling Grindr CEO George Arison to respect his employees’ right to form a union!