Sep 15, 2023 | News Story

Calling All Allies: Are You ALL IN with UAW?

At 11:59 last night, contracts for 150,000 UAW autoworkers at Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis expired. 12,900 workers at GM's Wentzville, MO plant, Ford's Michigan Assembly plant and Stellantis' Toledo, OH Jeep plant are now officially out on the picket lines, with more expected to join them as the union rolls out its Stand Up Strike strategy. These workers are striking because they have to, in order to ensure that every job is a union job with union-set standards. The Big Three companies have made record profits, so we know they can afford it. The stakes couldn’t be higher for UAW members and their families.

These workers need our support! Here's how you can help:

1. Sign the ‘All In’ w/ UAW online petition and share on social media

2. Call 318-300-1249 and leave a voice message for the Big Three CEOs “Give UAW workers the same 40% wage increase you got!”

3. Record a quick 0:20 second video why you’re supporting UAW members in their fight to give every autoworker the same pay and safety standards, tag #UAW and #recordprofitsmeanrecordcontracts.

Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis made a combined $21 billion in profits in just the first six months of 2023, on top of the $250,000,000,000 – a quarter of a trillion dollars – in North America profits that the Big Three made over the past decade.

None of the Big Three are shying away from telling their investors and shareholders they’re doing well. They rewarded their CEOs with 40% pay increases over the last four years. UAW just wants the same for its members who is providing their success and profits too. Let's help them make history! #StandUpUAW