Sep 29, 2023 | News Story

NBC News Guild Demands Just Cause, No Exceptions at Chairman's Update Event

Last week, members of the NBC News Guild marched on NBC Universal News Group chairman Cesar Conde at his Chairman’s Update, delivering a petition with more than 200 signatures from their members demanding Just Cause, No Exceptions. NBC News lawyers have held up the contract bargaining process, demanding an editorial exception to the disciplinary process. With that exception, management would have full discretion to discipline and terminate employees for any creative or editorial issues, without applying the principles of progressive discipline. Under their proposal, no reason would need to be provided to the employee before termination, a return to the days of at-will employment, when management could fire anyone at any time over a subjective disagreement with just one creative or editorial issue.

At the Chairman's Update, Guild members asked Conde to accept their just cause proposal and attend a bargaining session for the first time in three years. He refused, dodging their questions and saying he would leave it to the "experts" at the table. so, they pressed him: Are you not an expert in What News Digital needs?" Check out photos of the action here, and support these members by sending NBC News management and Cesar Conde a message that workers need just cause now!