Sep 22, 2023 | News Story

NYC Ballet Orchestra Musicians and Supporters Rally for Fair Contract

Over 100 musicians and union supporters rallied in front of Lincoln Center on opening night of the New York City Ballet to demand a fair contract for the orchestra.  (Watch a video recap of the rally here.) At the rally, American Federation of Musicians Local 802 President Sara Cutler thanked the crowd for “showing your support for what is a world class orchestra that is not being treated like a world class orchestra.”

Cutler was accompanied by AGMA President Ned Hanlon, who represents the ballet dancers. Hanlon told supporters, “AGMA will unwaveringly support Local 802 – and that commitment is even more significant here at this house where both unions have a substantial presence in this company. This incredible 802 orchestra -- along with AGMA dancers and stage managers -- are the glue that holds the New York City Ballet together.” Members from many other NYC unions showed up in support. Learn more about the campaign and sign the musicians' petition here and read more from the rally at Gothamist and ABC 7.