Oct 13, 2023 | News Story

October 13, 2023 - UAW Strike News Roundup!

In a major expansion of the nationwide strike actions, 8,700 UAW members walked off the job Wednesday, shutting down Ford Motor Company’s iconic and extremely profitable Kentucky Truck Plant in Louisville. The strike was called by union leaders after Ford refused to make further movement in bargaining. The surprise move marks a new phase in the UAW’s Stand Up Strike. Previous expansions of the strike occurred at a deadline set in advance by the union.

“We have been crystal clear, and we have waited long enough, but Ford has not gotten the message,” said UAW President Shawn Fain. “It’s time for a fair contract at Ford and the rest of the Big Three. If they can’t understand that after four weeks, the 8,700 workers shutting down this extremely profitable plant will help them understand it.”

The Kentucky strike brings to 33,700 the number of workers on strike against the three automakers, including more than 75 members of UAW Local 3039 at the Stellantis parts distribution center in Tappan, NY.

Here's how to help this week:

1. If you're able to get to Tappan, join Local 3039's picket line at 108 NY-303. The picket will be up 24 hours a day until the strike ends.

2. Sign the ‘All In’ w/ UAW online petition and share on social media

3. Call 318-300-1249 and leave a voice message for the Big Three CEOs “Give UAW workers the same 40% wage increase you got!”