Oct 6, 2023 | News Story

Workers at Hex & Co. Board Game Cafe Seek Union with Workers United Despite Management's Refusal to Recognize

Workers at Hex & Co., the three-location board game bar/cafe chain including the largest board game cafe in Manhattan, delivered a letter to their management in late September asserting their right to collectively bargain, and asking them to voluntarily recognize their union with Workers United. The Hex & Co bargaining unit will include about 75 employees, including baristas, retail workers, bartenders, after school program workers and workers who run some of the games, also known as "dungeon masters."

"We want a livable wage, we want a path to advancement in the company to be clear and we want adequate staffing to handle the multitude of jobs we are asked to do," a worker says in a video of the employees presenting their letter to management at the cafe's Upper East Side location.

"We've had coworkers and friends who have had to leave not only this job, but also New York, because they just couldn't afford to stay," said employee Jace Alejo. " All we are asking for is to be recognized and properly supported by this company that we already give so much to."

This week, Hex & Co.'s management responded to their workers' request by refusing to recognize the union, and instead calling for an NLRB election. In response, workers have launched an online petition—click here to sign in support! You can also read more in Gizmodo and Patch, and follow the Hex Workers Union on social media for updates!