Nov 10, 2023 | News Story

Conde Nast Union Marches on the Boss, Demands Answers on Restructuring, Layoffs

Unionized employees at Conde Nast took action Wednesday, delivering a petition that demanded corporate transparency after the company proposed laying off as much as 25% of the union. More than sixty union members (and dozens more taking part virtually on Zoom) marched to the executive offices, where they delivered the petition signed by over 350 people demanding a say over the company's announced restructuring.

The members delivered their petition to Stan Duncan, Chief People Officer, and left copies at the office of Roger Lynch, Conde Nast CEO.

"The action we took today was to send the company a strong message that we want answers and transparency and we will not stop until we get them," said Alma Avalle, who works at Bon Appetit and is on the union's bargaining committee. "Our members deserve so much better."

Conde Nast Union has been bargaining its first contract since certification in September 2022. Follow the Conde Nast Union here for updates, and support them by emailing Roger Lynch ( to say you stand with the union and oppose layoffs!