Nov 17, 2023 | News Story

Law360 Union Rallies to Spotlight the Company’s Nearly Year-Long Delay on Contract Negotiations

Unionized editorial workers at Law360 have had enough with the company’s nearly year-long delays on contract talks and held in-person (outside LexisNexis’ offices at 230 Park Ave) and remote lunch-time rallies Wednesday.

“We have passed proposal after proposal to the company at the bargaining table,” said Hailey Konnath, a reporter for the LexisNexis-owned legal news site and unit chair for the union. “Their response? Obstruction and delays. We as a union cannot allow this to continue. Today’s action is an anniversary party of sorts – one where we are marking a year of delays with a strong demonstration of our solidarity. “

Contract negotiations between the union, which is represented by The NewsGuild of New York, and LexisNexis, Law360’s parent company, began on Nov. 17, 2022. The union’s current contract expired on Dec. 31, 2022. Seven key contract proposals – covering areas such as parental leave, paid time off, sick leave and retirement – have been sitting at the bargaining table since Law360 Union proposed them nearly a year ago. The company has refused to make any counter offers on five, saying they are “economic” and must be considered together. Even on proposals the company doesn’t deem to be “economic,” it has slow-walked responses.

“Law360 Guild members have a lot of experience beating back union-busting tactics from Law360 and LexisNexis,” said Susan DeCarava, President of The NewsGuild of New York. “Our members are committed to improving their workplace by bargaining for a strong contract. They have the power and they’re willing to use it to hold LexisNexis accountable. That’s what our union does.” Follow the union here for updates.