Nov 3, 2023 | News Story

Take Action: Fair Contract Now for MSNBC Union Workers

It’s been nearly two years since the WGA East began negotiations with MSNBC, but they’re still fighting for a fair first contract. Thus far, MSNBC has refused to agree to fair wages or codify meaningful work-from-home flexibility for its workers. WGA East members at MSNBC are also regularly expected to work long hours and be available on standby outside of work hours — all without any additional compensation.

It’s time for MSNBC to live up to the values it promotes. Join us in calling on MSNBC to negotiate a fair contract that addresses all of the MSNBC Union’s demands. Make your voice heard by sending a letter to MSNBC management urging a fair first contract now. Their next bargaining date is Wednesday, November 15th. By sending a letter to decision-making managers at MSNBC, you’ll help show the company they need to come to the negotiating table prepared to make a fair deal.

MSNBC has seen unprecedented ratings success against its main competitors thanks to the dedication of workers like the writers, producers, and other editorial staff at MSNBC Union. They are fully dedicated to the important work they do for MSNBC and they deserve to be paid – and treated – fairly. Send a letter now!