Nov 3, 2023 | News Story

Take Action: Stand Up for Good Broadband Jobs!

New York State is about to submit its plan to the Federal Government to spend nearly $1 BILLION on broadband deployment and we need to make sure our recommendations are included in the plan.

With big funding dollars comes out of state, fly-by-night contractors looking to make a quick buck with cheap labor, and we need to make sure the work goes to highly-trained, unionized broadband technicians - us!

What are we fighting for?

  1. Fiber-optic technology wherever and whenever possible
  2. Prioritization of high-road employers who have:
    1. A directly-employed workforce
    2. Robust in-house training
    3. Locally based workforce
  3. Transparent and enforceable workforce plans

Click here to sign the petition to help ensure that New York State’s plan on how to spend our broadband dollars includes these proposals.