Nov 10, 2023 | News Story

Union Voters Power Election Victories Across the Country

Tuesday night’s election results showed the power working people have in electing pro-worker candidates, up and down the ballot, who will fight for us and stand up to wealthy corporate interests and extremists. In communities across the country, thousands of union volunteers engaged in deep discussions with fellow workers, engaging in one-on-one, face-to-face engagement on the issues that matter most to working people. As a result of those conversations, union member enthusiasm and engagement helped deliver key victories in critical races. Read more about results across the U.S. here.

Here in New York City, NYC CLC affiliate unions turned out their members to Get Out The Vote in critical races across the City for months leading up to election day. And the work paid off: NYC CLC endorsed candidates won in 96% of their races, ensuring that working people will have a strong voice in our City's government for the next 4 years. And Labor-endorsed ballot proposals also won big, with the proposals to remove a debt limit for small city school districts and to extend a debt limit exemption to allow cities and towns to build new sewage facilities both succeeding by large margins.

The work is never done and more elections are always around the corner, so make sure to visit LaborVotes.NYC and sign up for updates to help us continue to elect candidates who will put working families first!