Dec 1, 2023 | News Story

2023 Union-Made Holiday Gift Ideas

The holiday season is here! And for many that means gift-giving. Each dollar that you spend this holiday season is a vote for America’s future. A dollar spent on ethical brands producing union-made products means a brighter future for our economy and its workers. It’s a vote for more resources for those companies to grow and hire more workers at fair wages. Simply, it’s a vote for a high-road economy.

Labor 411's holiday gift guide is a powerful tool for consumers to use their consumer dollars to create a better America for workers, while giving you an easy reference for finding ethical brands quickly. It contains union-made gifts like board games, cookware, libations, cars, tires, tools, and much more. You can find something for everyone and know that your dollars are going to companies that treat workers well. Join us this holiday season in building a better America by spending our consumer dollars wisely. PDF version available here.