Dec 15, 2023 | News Story

Rolling a Critical Success: NYC Tabletop Board Game Workers are Three for Three in Union Drive

Workers at the Brooklyn Strategist (333 Court St.), a popular tabletop board game cafe in Cobble Hill owned by Jon Freeman, this week won a landslide victory 17-1. This means that within a month, workers at all of the tabletop board game cafes owned by Jon Freeman and/or Greg May, including Hex&Co, The Uncommons and The Brooklyn Strategist have officially unionized.

The union campaign at the Brooklyn Strategist went public on November 1st when workers demanded union recognition by confronting Freeman with a union petition signed by more than 75% of workers. Freeman refused recognition and so the campaign went to election.

Jon Freeman is a co-owner, with Greg May, of Hex&Co, a tabletop board game cafe company that includes the largest board game cafe in Manhattan, and Greg May is the sole owner of the Uncommons, a board game cafe in the West Village. Hex&Co workers won their union on November 14th, becoming the first unionized tabletop board game cafe company in NYC to win a union, and the Uncommons followed in their footsteps on December 6th. Unionization efforts at the Brooklyn Strategist are led in collaboration with Workers United NY/NJ, a joint board of Workers United. Read more at