Dec 29, 2023 | News Story

STRIKE AVERTED! Tentative New Union Contract Reached For 20,000 NYC Commercial Cleaners

Just after midnight on Thursday, a bargaining committee composed of 32BJ SEIU members who clean New York City commercial building offices, transportation hubs and universities and union officers reached a tentative agreement with the Realty Advisory Board on Labor Relations. Pending ratification votes in the coming weeks, the new agreement will offer 20,000 commercial building service workers the biggest wage increases in 32BJ history over the course of four years, bonuses, the continuation of vital health benefits, improved retirement benefits for the first time in 15 years, among other gains. The tentative agreement prevented an industry-wide strike in New York City, which was authorized to begin as early as January 1, just after the current agreement expires at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

The tentative agreement secures:

  • Maintenance of healthcare benefits with no premium sharing
  • The protection of the bargaining unit and future hires (no two tier workforce)
  • Historic wage increases of +$149/week (+$3.725/hour) by the end of the four year contract
  • A $3,000 bonus (paid on March 22)
  • A 10% pension improvement for 32BJ commercial members, the equivalent of up to an additional $140 per month during retirement (this will also benefit the union’s 33,000 New York Metro residential members)
  • A limited voluntary early retirement program that offers a $20,000 401k contribution, an additional 5% pension improvement, termination pay, and the extension of healthcare benefits up to the age of 65 – for commercial members 60 years old and up and with 15 years of service
  • Juneteenth as an elective holiday
  • Strengthened anti-discrimination protections, including for pregnant workers
  • “Sign One, Sign All” language that commits union contractors in New York City to local labor standards across the nation

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