Dec 8, 2023 | News Story

WGA East Members at MSNBC Ratify First Union Contract

After more than two years of negotiations, Writers Guild of America East (WGAE) members at MSNBC have overwhelmingly ratified a strong first collective bargaining agreement. The MSNBC Union’s hard-fought path to union protections started in August 2021, with recent actions including more than 5,000 WGAE members and union allies sending letters to management demanding a contract.

The nearly 300-member bargaining unit at MSNBC Union won a fair three-year agreement that includes a minimum 3% pay increase every year for the next three years, and vital improvements to policies regarding extra pay for overwork, overnight work, and out-of-title work.

The MSNBC Union said “We are excited to say that we have ratified our first contract after 2 years of negotiations. We are proud to share that this contract addresses priority issues from our members like continued remote work flexibility, additional payment for performing extra work, night shift payment, and the right to turn down standby requests. The contract provides meaningful economic gains for our members.” Read more here.