Feb 9, 2024 | News Story

Meredith Union Members Rally for a Fair Contract

Members of the Meredith Union (part of NewsGuild of NY) held a rally and practice picket with the CLC's Scabby Wednesday outside of the headquarters of Dotdash Meredith, where they work to produce People Magazine, EW, Martha Stewart Living, Shape & People TV. Employees at the media outlets won union recognition with 93% voting in favor of the Meredith Union in March 2021, but are still fighting for a first contract.

In November, more than two dozen union members marched to the office of Meredith President Leah Wyar Romito to ask her to come to the table and direct the company's bargaining team to meet them on reasonable proposals including guaranteed raises every year, fair minimum salaries that match the cost of living, affordable health care, a workweek with defined hours, health care, night-work bonus, and holiday pay for part-timers, strong layoff protections and a return-to-office policy that stays flexible. Follow the Meredith Union on social media for updates on their fight!