Feb 16, 2024 | News Story

Union Members Help Secure Decisive Victory for Labor's Candidate Tom Suozzi

The NYC Labor Movement celebrated Tuesday night as Labor's candidate Tom Suozzi won a decisive victory, securing his return to Congress as the Representative for New York's 3rd Congressional District. Working families and supporters had reason to be proud: New York City union members made more than 50,000 calls and knocked on nearly 10,000 doors in Queens alone, in a member-to-member campaign that saw action by 86 different NYC CLC local union affiliates.

“The New York City Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO is proud to congratulate our friend Tom Suozzi on his successful election in NY’s Third Congressional District,” said NYC CLC President Vincent Alvarez following the victory in Tuesday’s special election. “Union members in Queens know that Tom has been a champion for working families throughout his entire career in public service, including during his time spearheading the House Labor Caucus. We know that we can count on Tom to continue fighting for policies that help all workers and supporting organized labor as the most effective means of building a strong middle class.”

“We also extend our thanks to the hundreds of New York City union members who helped us get out the vote. Electing Tom Suozzi back to Congress isn’t just a victory for residents of the Third Congressional District, but the entire New York City Labor Movement.” Read more about labor's contributions here!