Mar 8, 2024 | News Story

Carbon Free and Healthy Schools Campaign Rallies at City Hall

The Carbon Free and Healthy Schools Campaign of Climate Jobs New York co-hosted a rally at City Hall with Council Member Sandy Nurse on March 1st. The union coalition is supporting public solar power legislation introduced by Nurse that would require the city to install solar on schools and other public buildings at a more rapid, ambitious pace. Leaders and members from public sector unions UFT, DC37, and CSA as well as private sector unions the Building and Construction Trades, 32BJ, and NYSNA joined together in big numbers to show the broad movement backing this legislation.

The main bill, Int. No. 353, has 11 co-sponsors in the city council and would mandate the city to install 100 MW of solar on schools and city buildings by 2025 and 150 MW by 2030. Additionally, The Carbon Free and Healthy Schools Campaign testified at the March 1st hearing of the Committee on Environmental Protection, Resiliency and Waterfronts, before which the bill was introduced, and described the bill as a "win-win-win" because it can create good jobs in our communities, fight climate change, and produce major cost savings all at once. Learn more about the campaign here!