Apr 5, 2024 | News Story

Cornell ILR Climate Jobs Institute Launches New Online Certificate Program: “Climate Jobs: Building An Equitable, Resilient Clean Energy Economy”

As the climate crisis intensifies, its impacts are disproportionately felt by marginalized communities and working-class communities. In response, Cornell ILR Climate Jobs Institute has launched a new certificate program, “Climate Jobs: Building An Equitable, Resilient Clean Energy Economy.” Throughout this certificate, you will delve into the critical intersection of climate change, labor, and equity, exploring the far-reaching implications of a warming planet on workers, communities, and the broader economy. Through a labor and equity lens, you will examine the causes and consequences of climate change, understanding how this global crisis exacerbates existing inequalities and poses significant challenges for diverse populations.

You will uncover the political and economic dynamics that shape climate policy, and analyze the roles of major business interests, government entities, labor unions and social movements in addressing or neglecting the climate crisis. By examining the complex web of relationships among these actors, you will gain a deeper understanding of the forces driving climate policy decisions.

At the heart of the certificate lies the concept of the climate jobs approach to climate action, a framework that emphasizes creating high-quality jobs and expanding opportunities in the transition to a clean energy economy. You will explore the principles and policy interventions underpinning this approach, understanding how it can be harnessed to advance worker-centered and equitable climate solutions. At the end of the certificate, you will be able to execute strategic planning to enact a winning climate jobs campaign.

Who should enroll?

  • Elected union leaders
  • Union staff and members
  • Policy makers and government officials
  • Environmental leaders
  • Workforce development professionals
  • Think tank organizations
  • Green energy companies

Learn more and register here!