Apr 5, 2024 | News Story

Einstein Postdoctoral Researches Forming Union With UAW

Postdoctoral researchers at Albert Einstein College of Medicine have signed up more than 80% of coworkers on authorization cards, expressing support for forming a union with the United Auto Workers. Postdocs began their card drive in early March, following in the footsteps of thousands of researchers at Columbia University, Mount Sinai, and Weill Cornell Medicine who are already part of the UAW.

Postdoctoral researchers have already earned their Ph.Ds and perform cutting edge research in labs at one of New York’s most prestigious research institutions. The work they do leads to millions of dollars in grants for their employer, and they make crucial contributions to public health, climate science and many other areas. But without strong contracts, most struggle with low and inconsistent pay, high housing costs and a lack of stable benefits. Follow ERU-UAW on Twitter!