May 3, 2024 | News Story

Tabletop Workers Rally for Equity, Justice, and a Contract

On Sunday, workers and community supporters with Tabletop Workers United rallied in Union Square Park in support of contract demands for a workplace free of discrimination – including recruitment of diverse candidates, respect for gender identity, and reasonable accommodations for disabilities.

Tabletop Workers United consists of the employees of five tabletop board game cafes in NYC, including the three locations of Hex&Co, the Brooklyn Strategist and the Uncommons, all owned jointly or singly by Jon Freeman and Greg May. These shops, which unionized in late 2023 and include approximately 120 union members, are currently bargaining for a first contract and workers are rallying to uplift the important contract demands they are advocating for in regards to non-discrimination, equity and justice.

Unionization efforts of Tabletop Workers United are led in collaboration with Workers United NY/NJ, a joint board of Workers United, the union representative of Starbucks Workers United, which has unionized more than 420 Starbucks across the country to date, including 18 union locations in downstate New York. Follow @HexWorkers, @UncommonsUnited, and @bstratunion on social for updates.