Jun 14, 2024 | News Story

NYC Labor Supporting the FARE Act

On Wednesday, NYC CLC Chief of Staff Brendan Griffith testified before the New York City Council Committee on Consumer and Worker Protection on the importance of the FARE Act (Intro 360) to NYC's working families. Today, most tenants who want to move into a new apartment are forced to pay broker fees even when they did not retain the services of that broker. The resulting upfront costs of moving have made it even more difficult for working NYers to find affordable housing within NYC.

Intro 360 eases some of that burden by ensuring that, like in almost every other city in the U.S., the person who decides to hire a broker is the one who will pay for their services. By shifting the burden of some of these upfront costs back to the party who hires these brokers, the FARE Act brings us one step closer to ensuring that everyday working families are able to live and thrive in New York. Read more in The New York Times, THE CITY, and Gothamist.