Jun 21, 2024 | News Story

Oxford University Press USA Guild Stages One-Day Strike in Response to Unfair Labor Charges

Members of the Oxford University Press USA Guild (a unit of the News Guild-CWA Local 31222) staged a one-day strike Tuesday after filing several Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) charges following nearly three years of contract negotiations with Oxford University Press. The Guild represents approximately 150 employees of OUP USA, who voted to form a union in September 2021.

The union is alleging that Oxford University Press, across multiple instances, has hired people outside of the Guild’s jurisdiction after bargaining unit members left the company. If this practice is allowed to continue, the very existence of the Guild itself is threatened. In addition, OUP took illegal and retaliatory action by laying off OUP USA Guild's Unit Chair without previously bargaining with the Guild about that decision as required by US labor law; withheld pay raises and reviews from Guild members; and took retaliatory action for protected communication, disciplining a member for an email signature that contained a message about their working conditions.

“It's been a tremendous sign of collective strength thus far,” Unit Chair Scott Morales told Publishers Weekly. “I've never felt so right and justified in doing an action like this until this morning.” Follow the union on social media for updates on their fight!