Jun 28, 2024 | News Story

Union Win at the New York Film Academy

Teachers and staff at the New York Film Academy have voted 149 to 3 to unionize with the UAW, a resounding 98% victory that makes them the latest higher education institution to unionize in New York City. The new, wall-to-wall unit will include full-time faculty, part-time faculty, support staff, technical assistants and accompanists who are writers, artists, actors, photographers, dancers, singers, producers, directors and more.

Laura Bailey-Wickins, a marketing coordinator at the Academy, said in the union’s release that “a fair exchange for these incredibly unique, real-world professional experiences our faculty and staff bring into and around the classroom should include a living wage, adjustments for inflation, some level of job security, ongoing professional development, growth opportunities and the ability to operate with reasonable workloads.” Follow the NYFA union on Instagram for updates!