Jun 28, 2024 | News Story

WGA East Members at iHeart Podcast Network Ratify First Union Contract

Writers Guild of America East (WGAE) members at iHeart Podcast Network have ratified their first collective bargaining agreement. The 100-member bargaining unit approved the three-year contract after more than two years of negotiations and an Unfair Labor Practice charge against management at iHeartMedia for “intimidating conduct and by interrogating employees about their support for the union.”

Deal highlights include new minimum starting salaries, annual salary increases, continued 401(k) match after the Company cut the match for non-union employees, improved severance and bereavement time, and more. In a statement, the iHeart Podcast Network’s bargaining unit wrote, “We are incredibly proud to announce the ratification of our first contract. After two long years of bargaining we’ve landed on a contract that we feel greatly improves our working and every day lives. We are excited to begin life under a union contract and to continue to advocate for our entire unit.” Read more about the new contract here.