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Dec 13, 2013 | News Story
This morning, fired Trade Fair supermarket workers from the 75-07 35th Ave., Jackson Heights location took to the streets to protest their wrongful firing at the hands of former owner Farid Jaber, who owns all nine stores in the supermarket chain.  The workers were joined today by their fellow union members, CLC President Alvarez, Assemblymember Francisco Moya, Senator Jose Peralta, and...
Dec 12, 2013 | News Story
On Wednesday, graduate students at NYU voted overwhelmingly to approve representation of the UAW.  This victory marked the culmination of an eight-year battle to regain recognition and collective bargaining power, after NYU refused to recognize the union in 2005. The new bargaining unit will consist of nearly 1,250 teachers and graduate assistants throughout NYU and Polytechnic Institute.
Dec 9, 2013 | News Story
Last week, workers from various sectors and industries got together to highlight a new day in New York City.  Workers, parents, community groups, and Labor union representatives gathered to celebrate the end where the needs of the wealthy were unfairly placed over those of everyday people.
Dec 6, 2013 | News Story
New York State AFL-CIO has launched a new campaign designed to help create sustainable change for New York’s working men and women. The “Making New York Work” initiative will work to call attention to the $7 billion in tax breaks the state spends annually to attract and maintain corporations around the state, while vital services are being cut from our communities.  
Oct 11, 2013 | News Story
Doormen at 231 Tenth Avenue walked off the job today in protest of building owners’ attempts to retaliate against workers seeking to unionize with 32BJ SEIU.  Workers at the luxury High Line building, which is owned by Vesta 24 Condominium and Argo Real Estate, filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board, but the agency’s closure due to the government shutdown is delaying the ruling...
Oct 4, 2013 | News Story
This week, the stagehands of IATSE Local One took to the streets to protest the union-busting tactics of the Carnegie Hall Corporation.  A deal between the union and Carnegie Hall Corporation was reached this afternoon.
Oct 4, 2013 | News Story
This week, members of United Here have been picketing outside of 55 Water Street, protesting the Post-Sandy layoffs of more than 50 workers. 
Oct 2, 2013 | News Story
On Tuesday, Labor and community coalition “Transform Don’t Trash NYC” gathered at City Hall to unveil a new report, highlighting the need to reform waste collection throughout the City’s five boroughs. The 21 page report outlined the safety, health, and economic hazards posed by the current methods of waste collection, and made recommendations to increase recycling within the city.
Oct 1, 2013 | News Story
Sep 6, 2013 | News Story
A group of mayoral candidates have signed on to a letter urging NYU President Sexton to respect the majority choice of graduate, research, and teaching assistants for the union representing NYU and NYU-Poly. A majority of the group has chosen UAW representation. Click below to see the letter.