Nov 6, 2013 | Press Release

As City Stands Poised for a New Day, We Can be Confident Knowing We Have Progressives in Both Branches of City Government

New York, NY – New York City Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO President Vincent Alvarez today released the following statement regarding the victories of Mayor-Elect Bill de Blasio, and a new, more progressive City Council:

“Today, New York City’s Labor Movement took a stand against 12 years of austerity politics that have taken precedence over the needs of everyday New Yorkers.  Together with our affiliates, we took to the streets to make our voices heard, and together, we voted against policies and deals designed to favor the wealthy, while ignoring the needs of our cities working families.

“Throughout the five boroughs, residents cast their votes for Mayor-Elect Bill de Blasio, a man who understands the severity of our city’s income equality problem, and who is ready to tackle that problem head-on. 

“Voters supported progressive activists like Scott Stringer and Letitia James, because they have proven their willingness and ability to do what it takes to help our city’s working people. They have consistently stood with workers on picket lines, spoken at rallies, and crafted legislation designed to make our city a fairer and more equitable place for everyday people.

“We got behind many energetic, intelligent Council newcomers, who we know will fight to continue our city on the path toward full economic recovery.  These council members-elect stand ready, willing, and able to work with the city’s Labor Movement to make things right for working men and women.

“From corridors of City Hall, to district offices from Inwood, to Jamaica, and out to Coney Island to Midland Beach, working people can again have faith that our elected officials really do want to help improve the quality of life for all of New York City residents.

“But the hard work doesn’t end today.  Though the races have been won, the city’s Labor Movement remains committed to working with our elected officials to ensure that worker-friendly legislation and budgets are passed. Now we can begin the tasks of rebuilding our city’s aging infrastructure, and discontinuing the hemorrhaging of city funds through the outsourcing and sub-contracting that have continued for far too long.  And finally, our Public Sector unions will be able to have the conversations needed to secure long-overdue contracts for the workers who have educated our children, maintained our roadways, and got our Subway system up and running post-Sandy.  We all recognize their hard work, and we finally have an administration that shares our sentiments.

“So as we stand poised for a new day in New York City, we can all be confident knowing that we have progressive advocates representing us in both branches of city government.  The road to full recovery is long, but we have elected champions of working people who will stand with us and fight for the just cause.”