Mar 11, 2014 | Press Release

Central Labor Council Applauds Assembly Majority Caucus for Supporting City’s Plan to Fund Universal Pre-K and After School Programs

Decision Shows Speaker Silver’s Commitment to NYC’s Working Families

New York, NY – New York City Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO President Vincent Alvarez today released the following statement commending the State Assembly Majority for its commitment to include budget language supporting Mayor de Bill de Blasio’s plan to fully fund universal pre-K and after school programs for New York City’s children:

“I commend Speaker Silver and the Assembly Majority Caucus for stepping up to support the City’s plan to fully fund exceptional pre-K and after school programs for our city’s children. By asking for a little more from the city’s residents who are financially able to give more, we would be working to end the stark economic disparities that have plagued our city for far too long."

“As families work hard to make ends meet in our city, it is imperative that our children’s educational needs are met. Mayor de Blasio’s plan would create a sustainable funding source, ensuring that all students are provided with the tools necessary to set them off on the right educational track from the very beginning, and that they are kept safe in the after school hours before parents return home from work."

“Our children are our greatest asset, and their future rests in the investments made to ensure they are able to compete in a global workforce. I applaud Speaker Silver for his commitment to New York City’s working families.”