Dec 1, 2014 | Press Release

Proposed Carriage Ban is a Flawed Solution to a Nonexistent Problem

New York, NY - New York City Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO President Vincent Alvarez today released the following statement, reaffirming the Council's support of the horse carriage industry:

"The New York City Central Labor Council will continue to stand with the hardworking men and women of the NYC horse carriage industry as they fight to protect and sustain the livelihoods of 300 working families.

"It is unconscionable that a bill is being introduced to eradicate an iconic industry that not only works hand in hand with our city's tourism and hospitality industries, but also has the overwhelming support of the general public and the labor movement.  

"Contrary to misinformation being spread by opponents of the horse carriage industry, there is absolutely no  record of abuse. In fact, it is one of the most highly regulated industries in our city. From the very beginning, a proposed carriage ban has been a flawed solution in search of a nonexistent problem.

"This is about ensuring that working men and women are able to use the training and professional investments they have made to care for their families.

"The most important thing we can do for working people in our city is to ensure that they have the jobs necessary to secure and maintain sustainable careers, and by continuing to stand with the 300 workers of the horse carriage industry, and the Teamsters, we will do just that."