Jun 1, 2020 | Press Release

NYC CLC Statement in Solidarity with All New Yorkers Demanding Racial, Social, and Economic Justice

The New York City Labor Movement stands with working people across our city who are demanding justice for the senseless death of George Floyd, and for an end to the continuing systemic inequalities that are faced by our brothers and sisters of color every day in America.

There are some who have chosen this moment to engage in destructive acts. While we condemn these senseless acts of vandalism, we cannot allow them to distract attention from the many thousands across NYC who are peacefully demanding change.

There are those who will seek to divide us, but we have seen time and time again throughout the history of the labor movement that economic, racial, and social justice are inextricably linked to one another; you cannot achieve any without fighting for all.

The New York City Labor Movement stands with our brothers and sisters in NYC and across the country in demanding an end to pervasive systemic racism that threatens the lives and livelihoods of working families and communities.