Jan 7, 2021 | Press Release

Statement From NYC CLC, AFL-CIO President Vincent Alvarez On Violence at the US Capitol

January 7, 2021, New York, NY - This week, working families across our city and nation were witness to one of the darkest days in our history, as a violent mob stormed the U.S. Capitol in an effort to overturn a free and fair election and prevent a peaceful and constitutional transfer of power. Freedom of speech is oneĀ of our most fundamental principles, and every American has the right to protest and to make their voices heard. But that's not what this was.

Wednesday's events, instigated by Donald Trump and his enablers, constituted an unprecedented attack on our democracy from within our own borders. Not only were our members of Congress and their staffs threatened, so was the safety of the thousands of hard working men and women who keep our Capitol running. All Americans must come together to not only condemn these attacks, but to hold accountable those within our own government who poured fuel on the fire by spreading lies and inciting their followers to politically motivated violence.