2023 NYC Labor Day Parade Important Documents

The Parade Leadership has been confirmed:

We’re honored that New York State Nurses Association President Nancy Hagans, RN, will lead the parade as Grand Marshal, with Amalgamated Transit Union Vice President Mark Henry serving as Parade Chair.

The theme of this year’s parade is We Organize, We Rise.

Downloadable and editable posters/flyers are available in the Coordinators Toolkit. Printed posters and flyers are available and CLC staff will coordinate distribution.

Forms to Complete:

If you have not already, please fill out your Parade Coordinator and Registration Forms. These are available here:  

Coordinator Form - please feel free to add anyone you want to be included on meeting notifications, announcements and other updates for the 2023 Labor Day Parade.

Announcement / Registration Form - when passing the reviewing stand, our announcer will describe your contingent as you want it to be described.  Additionally this is the form to register and make an electronic payment (payments can also be made by check) for your contingent.

It is very important that your organization fill out an Announcement Form. 

It will also be printed in the Parade Booklet which will be distributed at the event. Please make sure that your organizational descriptions are current and that your officers (if included) are accurate and up to date.

If you need a copy of your announcement from a previous year for reference, please contact the CLC office at 212-604-9552 or email ldp@nycclc.org.

Parade Route:

Assembly area 7th Ave-Vanderbilit Ave, 44St.-48St.

Route up Fifth Avenue

Reviewing stand, Bleachers: 63rd St-64th St. 

Bleachers-No signs, enter from Madison Ave. & 64 St.

Disbursement area-  St-65th thru 68th Sts  Bus pick-up

Times to Note:

7:00am – Blocks closed to all but parade traffic

8:30am – Labor Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral

10:00am – Beginning of Parade Steps Off

Approximately 1:30pm – Final Contingent Steps Off

Parade Guidelines:

The assembly area blocks will be closed at 7:00 AM except for parade vehicles, vehicles dropping off items and parade marchers.

The bus drop-off area will be Madison Avenue at 44th Street and Sixth Avenue at 44th Street. Buses will then proceed to the designated bus parking area at the end of the parade route.

No alcoholic beverages, BBQ’s, or heating of food is allowed. Heated/BBQ foods may only be distributed by a vendor licensed with NYC, having a valid Board of Health certificate and a contained heating unit with no open flames (hot dog cart, etc.).

No amplified sound is permitted in the assembly area. Sound permits are restricted to the parade route as well as bands and floats in the assembly area.

All parade vehicles are required to have a “Parade Vehicle” pass.

Floats have a height restriction of 14ft. 

All trucks/floats are to have a minimum of 4 ground guides for their vehicles while in the assembly area and throughout the parade route. All drivers should make sure that they have a valid license, registration and insurance for the respective vehicles they will be driving in the parade.

No signs/placards with wood, metal, or plastic sticks. Cardboard tubes are preferred.

Any vehicles in the parade, other than floats, trucks, etc., must be decorated as parade vehicles or else they will not be allowed in the formation. All Vehicles dropping off supplies and/or food must have a “Supply Vehicle” pass displayed in order to enter the assembly area.

All vehicles dropping off supplies into the assembly area should arrive early, drop off the supplies, food, etc., and then exit the assembly area as early as possible.

Next Steps:

Please begin doing outreach to your members as soon as possible, through your newsletters, social media, meeting announcements, etc. Begin planning your contingent, including arranging for any T-shirts, food, music, floats and/or other vehicles.

Vehicle Passes and Grand Stand tickets will be distributed at the CLC office following the August 16 Parade Coordinators meeting.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact the CLC office at 212-604-9552 or ldp@nycclc.org.