Union Plus Members Eligible for Relief Grants

To qualify for a Union Plus Disaster Relief Grant, the union member must:

Have been a victim of the severe weather in counties designated by FEMA as qualifying for individual assistance. (See the list below of qualifying counties.)
Have experienced a significant loss of income or property within the last six months due to the disaster.
Have had a Union Plus Credit Card, Union Plus Insurance policy or Union Plus Mortgage for at least 12 months with the account or policy in good standing (be up-to-date on payments).
Describe his or her circumstances and document the income or property loss.

To apply for a disaster relief grant, union members who participate in any of the following programs can call:

Union Plus Credit Card: 1-877-761-5028
Union Plus Mortgage: 1-800-472-2005
Union Plus Insurance: 1-800-472-2005

Union Plus Credit Card holders are encouraged to contact Capital One, the new Union Plus Credit Card issuer, at 1-877-761-5028, if you need additional assistance. Capital One has programs in place to help customers who are experiencing difficulties due to the storm.

Union Plus Mortgage holders, including anyone who is in the process of receiving a new Union Plus mortgage, are encouraged to contact Chase, who provides Union Plus Mortgages, at 1-888-356-0023 or tweet @ChaseSupport for additional assistance and information.