Jul 9, 2021 | News Story

Take Action: Sign a Petition to Thank a Lineworker!

On July 10, 1896, 38-year-old Henry Miller, founder and president of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, was the head lineworker for the Potomac Light & Power Company in Washington, DC. Like thousands of lineworkers then and now, Henry responded to the call of duty late one evening and climbed a power pole to restore service to the impacted neighborhood. Tragically, Henry fell from the pole and later died from his injuries.

While safety training practices and procedures have greatly improved since Henry Miller’s death, the job remains one of the most dangerous and most challenging among our nation’s workforces. Lineworkers are the unsung heroes of our communities as they maintain and enhance our energy grid, and they oftentimes work around the clock and in the most dangerous of conditions to restore power following severe weather events and other incidents.

Saturday, July 10, 2021, marks the annual celebration of National Lineworker Appreciation Day. We hope you will join us in thanking our nation’s lineworkers for their efforts and dedication to power our lives each day--click here to sign the petition!