Feb 16, 2024 | News Story

OpEd: Black History Month a Time to Inspire Black Labor Leadership

Across this nation, there were celebrations in honor of Black History Month throughout February. It’s a time not only to celebrate, but to educate, writes Teamsters Local 237 President Greg Floyd in an Amsterdam News OpEd.

"All labor leaders experience challenges, but for many Black labor leaders, the challenges are even greater. We are confronted with glaring daily headlines about harm and hate throughout the world, the nation, and our city. It’s often difficult to see the “havens” of help, normalcy, and compassion that still exist today. They are obscured by the noise and chaos that regrettably touch so many lives.

Labor unions represent one such haven. They provide stability and hope, and they have a track record of achievements to prove it. But the job of outreach to increase membership and thereby improve our ability to have influence and impact is often met with low expectations and disrespect, from both inside and outside of the union. That’s why the next step of inspiring and nurturing leaders-in-the-making is so important. Without that, we are sunk." Read the full OpEd here.